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Other Services We Offer

We also offer the following material printing custom services:

Sign Vinyl 
We can supply pre-masked cut or printed vinyl for signs and window graphics needs. See available colours.

Heat Transfer Vinyl   

We have a selection of  Two Heat Transfer Vinyls;
1. Sport Flex 

I​deal for t-shirts  sweatshirts  and uniforms.  It is suited for cottons and polyesters. See available colors.

2. Super Flex

Ideal for synthetic Fabrics. It offers superior adhesion on all your synthetic fabrics including nylon, spandex, and polyesters.  Super Flex has amazing stretch and rebound capability and works great on your performance apparel and tactical gear (bags, jackets, umbrella’s etc.). See available colors.


Used  to create high visibility graphic designs for your fashion or dance apparel! Glitter Heat Transfer material can be used to create special effects and make your designs stand out. Recommended for use on Cotton's, Polyester's and Blends.


Glow In The Dark 

Glow Heat Transfer Vinyl is great for decorating garments that need extra visibility such as work uniforms for delivery drivers and security guards. Even when the lights go off your designs will still be visible!White appearance in the light and has a lime green glow in the dark.


It is the perfect choice for decorating garments or items that require high visibility. Improves visibility on safety and athletic wear.


Select a stock pattern print or create a custom pattern for your t-shirts and garment decorating applications.  With these patterns you can now give your designs an added ‘Pop!’.